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Always keep the faith

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7/22/11 11:00 pm - Rant.

Sigh, life's been so busy these few weeks that I barely have time to go online watch videos and all that. Its to the point that i don't even remember my birthday is this coming week and i even forget my friends birthday. I've been doing project since like May? It's been like 3 months and it's still not over yet. But it will be! This coming Monday will be the end of all projects, but presentation is 2 weeks away. So it isn't exactly over yet. Andddddd, presentation sucks, I swear. This particular project is taking up half of my life! All the requirements are so hard to meet and you really have to put in extra effort to score, but thank god the tutor is good. He is our angel teacher. Hahaha. I would say Accounting test today was alright? I just hope I can get an A again, please. I really like this subject but I know I haven't been putting in the efforts I should have since the change of tutor. This tutor really piss me off. And it isn't helping when all the sick virus are getting to me. I had sore throat the whole of last week, and now that it's over, flu and fever are on their way. I feel so weakkkkkkkkkkkk. Sigh, this year is so tough. Monday please hurry come and end, so I can have a easier life? But I don't think so since exams are on their way ): So tired. I think I'm gonna head to bed soon to sleep the illness away.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm important to people? Because I constantly feel that I'm not. But whatever, maybe I'm just thinking too much and I know that I always think on the bad side. And sometimes I do feel that all my efforts are not appreciated and I do feel upset about it. Kay, whatever. Gonna head to bed real soon. Work's waiting for me this whole weekend :/

And anyway, I'm really thankful for this bunch of people, because they brighten up my day everyday I see them! They won't see this, but I'm really thankful for them! They always joke around and whenever we are together, there won't be a time when we are quiet. Haha. Thankful for their presence in school everyday. We always have fun, and I know that we will always have.

It's blur, but whatever. Hahaha.

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4/10/11 03:26 am - In Heaven.

Haven't been updating this place for a long time, but there's hardly updates from my friends too. I should try to update more when I'm free. Oh well, school's starting in 15 days time, which is fast because I hardly enjoy myself during this period of time. It's always work, work and work, even though work isn't tough at all and I only work 4 hours a day :/ How long can that few hundred bucks last me till? I have no idea. I always say I will spend carefully, but I'm not that kind of person who will save up and not spend on entertainment. I don't like being a budget kid, I like to spend money on movies, food and everything. I wanna go shopping soon please. Anyone with me? Maybe that's why my dad says I'll never be rich because I think of spending before I even earn money. But, I'm still young right? I don't have responsibilities that comes every month (at the moment), maybe when I really start working and step into the society, I'll learn to be more frugal and spend responsibly. And, it's not like I spend my parents money. I am spending money that I earn! I'm just trying to make myself feel better.

Anyway, kinda excited about being able to go Sentosa to study, all the seniors told me it's gonna be so fun. Even the teachers say so. But, I wanna go school ): I'll miss seeing familiar faces around like, Maddie, Jess, Amanda, Cel and many more. My friends always say that my friends are everywhere, because everywhere I go, I'll always see someone I know! I like meeting people in school, it makes me feel good and they'll brighten up my day! Even though we only have short conversations, it's still good. But I know Sentosa is gonna be so much fun. I hope I'll be in the same class as Xiaoting or Su Jia. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can't live without them.

I.can't.wait.to.see.pies! Marche & Pit Stop~ We're meeting twice this month! We meet every month, but I can't wait too long to meet them. I miss them~

And you two pigs! Even though you two were just making use of me yesterday, I still like meeting you all for random dinner <3

7/28/08 10:57 pm - Hello, goodbye!

Hey, guess who.
Its the dearest Mooncake ; Evelyn :D

Anyway, re-add me here.
Im moving!

100% locked!(:

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